Tech/Social impact.

Welcome to Jaamici website. Every year we celebrate with Somali graduates all over the world in order to encourage our youth for optimum utilisation of  knowledge. This is your first spot which will help you understand the culture of  the University and the interactions between its stakeholders.  For those who are seeking an admission is obviously a place to get the right advice. Our aim is to to create a platform of exchange of ideas and experience in the field of studying graduate studies in this context of post-conflict situation.  We aim to help you optimally use of the resources available for you to graduate, but to use your knowledge to make a social contribution  to our society !

Tech/Social Responsibility is an online platform that connects the contractors with the available tender information. This online tender publishing website will facilitate you to connect to the latest information on tenders. The tenders from the funding organizations and government will be posted in this website.

The website will also provide recruitment services. It will connect the employees with the employers by providing timely, accurate, reliable and relevant information.

The website will offer all the tenders information on the different sectors, such as the infrastructure, Health,  Education, agriculture, Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Industry, Energy, Power & Electrical, Telecommunication and Transportation tenders.

Tech /Social impact.

This directory was developed by Hoobaan Internet and operated by qualified people across the country. This effort is sustained by the Donations of its partners and clients.  Hoobaan Internet is the leader in innovation. It was founded in 2002. It has been a right hand supporter who helped many people and enterprises join the Digital market meeting the need of their clients.

Tech /Advocacy.

The fact that Somaliland is a young country whose economy source is based on a commercial activities by big private sector and products and that is available in the markets are majority of them imported from the outside.  Locally produced products and services are facing a tough challenge to get to the target markets. Eventually, this Business model is designed to support the local entrepreneurs to promotes their products and services in the country and abroad.

However, by linking these products and services to the target markets will increase the market share of these products and services as a result. However our Business is by far an added value to Somaliland Economy.