Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where the whole sector of the internet services in Somaliland has started with. in the context of a post conflict state that is emerging from a total destruction including Telecommunications and Posts Hoobaan has started to connect a shattered families across the globe. Sending and receiving  hundreds of emails on a daily bases for printout and delivery to the recipients by hand was the beginning of Entrepreneurship in technology.

Our Approach

  •  Building long lasting loyal Customers by providing high quality Service and Products through recruiting dynamic, efficient and talented personnel. We will also Maintain and constantly Build Strategic relationship with the Global Business People and Professional Organizations  through partnership at the head of others.
  • Core Value
    • Open: We shall meet with people with open Minds and Hearts, and always welcome other People, Ideas and Knowledge
    • Innovative: We shall be Creative in the way we present our products and services
    • Sharing : We shall create an environment where sharing is easy, and information, Ideas and Knowledge are for all, both internally and  together with the Community.
  • Corporate Commitment
    • Value for money - Our solutions, products and services shall give our customers and users a great value for money.
    • Personal service - We shall deliver our solutions, products and services in a personal and honest way. We shall always be available and service minded.
    • A great place to work - Hoobaan shall be a great place to work, based on the belief that happy, balanced people do a better job.


Meet the Team

Among key partners who make this business go and do their best in customer service are:

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Mohamed M. Awale


Mohamed M. Awale is an Entrepreneur turned into a politician and a diplomat with extensive experience on Somaliland Foreign Affairs, peace and state-building. As a founding member of the ruling party Kulmiye, he served as assistant to Foreign Affairs Spokesperson of the party from 2007 to 2010 which has provided  an opportunity  to acquire a deep understanding on Somali Socio-political dynamics and economy.

Finding  an entrepreneurship Solutions  to solve social problems is a pasion.

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Abdilahi A Awale

Abdillahi Adam Awale

Partner and BDS Consultant

Abdullahi has Studied Business Administration specialising in Finance, he has an excellent experience in customer care, public relations and Human resource management.

Telephone: 063440626

Email: Abdilahi@hoobaan.com


Eric Teagan

Vice President

Under construction


Timothy Barrett


Under constructon !

Next Steps...

Of Course a march of 1000 miles starts with one step and our business relationship can start with one call over the net or email and may not last forever. So please call us we will be happy to support your business.